Betfair Casino

The betfair group- the largest betting community

With the advancement of technology, the Betfair has become world’s largest betting community. It is bounded by a commitment to value and innovation and has transformed the betting industry in just few years. It is the world’s largest online betting exchange. The company is situated in Hammersmith inEngland. It was initiated in June 2000 and since then there is no looking back and the company has become the largest online betting company. It has a turnover of 50 million pounds in a week with roughly 4 million customers using the exchange for betting. The company employs approximately 2300 people world over.

Betfair allows the players or gamblers to bet on both back and lay bets thereby getting rid of the conventional bookmaker. The betfair charges 5% commission from the players on all the winning bets. The commission of the exchange also depends on the percentage of betting by the customer. The company enables the betters to choose their odds and bet against each other. The company claims more than 300 bets in a second and approximately 5 million monetary transactions in a day. In addition to exchange, the company has a recognized games portfolio. Betfair is a profitable and liability free company with revenues more than 300 million pounds every year. The betfair company holds license for gambling which enable them to present an extensive range of products to the customers all over the world. It is one of the largest online betting providers throughout the world. The company makes use of the leading technologies and have at least 3 million registered customers all over the world. Betfair proffers a range of innovative products like betfair games, casino, poker and arcade etc.